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Who We Are

Attorney John Crow has been practicing law in the Clarksville community for over 10 years. While he has handled a wide variety of cases during his legal career, his primary focus is on preparing wills and trusts, planning and forming new business entities, and estate administration. 

Brittney Stewart is an integral part of the team at the firm. She has been working with John for several years and has a true passion to help people.  Brittney attended Bethel University and graduated with a 4.0 GPA and Bachelor of Science in Management and Organizational Leadership.  She went on to pursue a degree in Paralegal Studies and has extensive experience serving as a Paralegal in the local community.  Brittney has been married to her husband, Ryan, for seven years and they have two children, Weston and Riley.  Outside of work, Brittney enjoys spending time outdoors with her children, fishing, camping, and attending her kids' baseball games. 

Ashley McKinnon was born and raised in Lakewood, CA.  After getting married in fall of 2019, she moved to Clarksville with her husband and two boxers, Boomer and Chunk.  Ashley graduated from California State University, Long Beach with a Bachelor's in Criminal Justice and a minor in Forensic Studies.  While at CSULB, she made the President and Dean's Honor Roll then continued to excel academically and professionally.  Ashley obtained her Paralegal Certificate at Cerritos College with a 4.0 GPA from the ABA approved program.  She interned as a law clerk for a Judge at Stanley Mosk Courthouse in Los Angeles where she built experience handling civil cases, including probate, breach of contract, and issues in employment law.  Following her internship, Ashley worked as a Criminal Defense Paralegal until moving to Clarksville and joining our firm.  Ashley enjoys crafting and develops her hobby by creating shirts and signs on her Circut.

Donna Brotherson relocated to Clarksville from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with her fiancé, Ryan, and her three young children, Hayden, Olivia, and Ryan.  Her fiancé is stationed at Fort Campbell in the 101st Airborne division and recently returned home from a long deployment to Iraq.  Donna graduated from Temple University with a History degree and continues to develop her passion for Mediterranean history through reading, visiting museums, and traveling to historical sites.  Donna received her Paralegal Certification from an ABA approved program and worked as a Subrogation paralegal in Philadelphia before moving to Clarksville to join our firm.  She enjoys baking and is a devoted fan of Philadelphia sports teams.

What Makes Us Unique


In concentration and depth in any certain field. When matters become complex and a detailed knowledge of the law is necessary, you need an attorney who is an expert in that particular field.

We offer clients the legal expertise they need to protect their financial future and secure their legacy for generations to come.  Our knowledge of the law and extensive experience guarantee excellence in our focused practice area.  We concentrate our practice in the areas of estate planning, probate, and business planning to protect what is most important to our clients.


As a potential client, it's important to select an attorney who knows the law and has substantial experience to address your concerns.  If you find yourself turning to Google to answer your questions immediately after meeting with your attorney, it's likely your attorney is not providing clear explanation of the process. A good attorney will use their expertise to explain things in understandable terms and clearly break down issues for clarification. By doing so, you become more confident and are better able to understand the legal problems.

Our firm strives to educate our clients on the process of our services.  We listen to clients' individual needs and explain how our services can benefit them.  During in-person client meetings, we talk through available options, explain essential documents, and clarify any misunderstandings to make sure your final product provides exactly what you need.

In view of high-quality communication, we pride ourselves in being accessible to our clients.  This includes offering our clients flexible scheduling, providing timely responses to client inquires, and traveling to residences upon client request.


Our staff does our best to familiarize ourselves with individual clients and maintain strong professional relationships that create an inviting atmosphere.  When you come into our firm, we will greet you with courtesy and professionalism founded in a familiarity with our clients and the services they need.

The quality of our services and documents mirrors the high-quality communication we value.  Our firm prepares legal documents to state your intentions clearly and to ensure that your assets are protected


In the same way that we are transparent in our explanation of the legal process and quality of our documentation, we are transparent about the cost of our services

At Crow Estate Planning and Probate, we work almost exclusively on flat rate fees. In talking with our clients, we have found that one of the most frustrating aspects of dealing with lawyers is the billable hour.  Charging by the billable hour means that clients never know at the onset how much legal services will cost, and it can be aggravating to discover that fees exceed what an attorney initially quoted.  In value of transparency, we provide clients with upfront fees so that you know how much you will be paying at the end of the day.

Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality of legal work at a fee that is determined at the outset. At our firm, we focus on the client, not the clock.


Your Legacy Matters

Your legacy matters because it is the impact you have on your family and community after you are gone. Your legacy is your story, it is what you leave behind. What do you care about the most? What are you passionate about? At Crow Estate Planning and Probate, our job is to protect what matters to you most. We want to make sure that the success you have had in your own life will be passed down to your children and generations to come.

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