How to Find Us


Here's How to Find Us

If you are wondering where exactly we are - rest easy! This page will show you how to literally walk in our front door and provide a little history of the house on the way.

Here is what our building looks like on Madison Street

Crow Estate Planning and Probate is located at 512 Madison Street, Clarksville, TN 37040. We are located between First Christian Church and Cumberland Bank and Trust, and across the street from First Baptist Church. 

The House was built in 1886 by M.C. Northington who later become Mayor of Clarksville in 1890. The Italianate Victorian building is constructed on the property once owned by the first Clarksville Female Academy which was torn down in 1880.  


When you arrive at the house, there is a driveway off of Madison Street that runs to the right of the house. Parking is in the rear of the building.

Entering Our Office

When you park your car, walk back down the driveway and you will notice a handicap ramp that leads to the front porch. Walk up this ramp.


Once you reach the front porch, walk along the porch and through the portico to the front door.

This porch is not original to the house. It was constructed in 1925 when the Beech family purchased the house and it was wooden at that time. The portico was added to allow an entry to the porch from the front door. The concrete porch was added in the 1970s. The original porch faced Madison Street and did not connect to the front door. 

Front Door 

When you enter the house, walk through the front door and you will enter the front hallway.

The front door is original to the house and is a bit heavy. You will note that the glass door on the porch says "Push." That was installed when the house was a restaurant many years ago. But, the wording is correct. Please push the front door to enter the property.

 Entry Hallway

This is the front entry hall. Our offices are located immediately to the right and left once you enter the house. Please let us know you are here and we will lead you back to our conference room.

Your Legacy Matters

Your legacy matters because it is the impact you have on your family and community after you are gone. Your legacy is your story, it is what you leave behind. What do you care about the most? What are you passionate about? At Crow Estate Planning and Probate, our job is to protect what matters to you most. We want to make sure that the success you have had in your own life will be passed down to your children and generations to come.

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