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Your estate comprises everything you own, including properties, investment portfolios, bank accounts, and other financial assets. As you age, you may start to wonder about what will happen to your estate — after all, you’ve spent your entire life building a legacy you can be proud of. You should do everything you can to protect it and make sure the fruits of your labor go to the people or causes you love.

At Crow Estate Planning & Probate, our attorneys know how to develop a personalized, comprehensive estate plan for any financial situation so that you can have peace of mind.

Estate Planning Areas We Serve

What Is Estate Planning?

Estate planning involves all the legal filing and paperwork involved with preparing your assets for the end of your life. When you die or otherwise become incapacitated, having information organized and a plan for your estate can make it easier on your loved ones as they plan for your medical care, funeral, and next steps. Your plan can also specify how you want your assets distributed, ensuring everyone you care about is taken care of in the event of your death.

The estate planning process includes:

The most well-known part of estate planning is writing a will. Your will creates a framework that determines where your funds and assets will go when you die. Our estate planning lawyers will listen to your preferences and construct a legal will that ensures your directives are followed exactly.

An executor is in charge of ensuring your will and estate are properly read and distributed. A power of attorney is in charge of making any decisions regarding your life and assets from the moment you are unable to do so yourself. Both roles require you to legally finalize paperwork.

As you establish your estate, you can name as many beneficiaries as you want. The term beneficiaries refers to anyone who will gain something from your estate upon your passing. Beneficiaries can be family, friends, or even charities that are significant to you.

Most people have heard of a will, but a trust is another estate planning option. A trust can designate beneficiaries, assist in the event your beneficiaries have special needs, and help your loved ones avoid a court-involved process called probate, but it may not be the right fit for everyone. You would appoint a trustee instead of an executor to carry out the terms of your trust.

Our Estate Planning Process

The team at Crow Estate Planning & Probate has spent over a decade serving Tennessee through extensive estate planning services. Each of our services starts with a simple conversation. We want to get to know your history and current financial situation so that we can approach your needs with care. Our professionals will guide you through every step of our services, ensuring you understand every part of our working relationship and how we can help you through whatever comes next. We also assist in areas such as:

The Benefits of Estate Planning With Crow Estate Planning & Probate

Estate planning allows you to prepare for anything the future brings. It’s essential that you have an attorney on your side who understands the importance of your situation and puts your needs first. At Crow Estate Planning & Probate, we strive to do right by our clients every day by listening to their needs and explaining how our services can assist them. Our years of experience in estate and probate law make us the clear choice to organize your finances and assets.

We believe that quality and transparency are tantamount to a good working relationship, and from the moment we give you your first quote, we’ll make sure these tenants of our work are never in doubt. Our legal documents are clearly defined and our services come with flat rate fees so that you know where you are with us every time.

Whatever your current financial situation, you can likely benefit from our estate planning and other legal services. Our professionals are ready to help you start planning for your future today — request your free consultation or contact Crow Estate Planning & Probate to learn more about what you can gain from the top estate planning lawyers near you.

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